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“Palangos perliukas“ is a complex of recreation buildings including holiday apartments and a hotel.

The territory is fenced, fully finished and completely secure.

The building of the holiday apartments:

includes 61 holiday apartments; the area of the apartments is from 37 to 70 sq.m. An underground parking holding 51 cars may be attributed to the holiday apartments. The parking is secure: driveway gate has a numeric lock and there are watching cameras installed. If your apartments are on the first floor or higher, you may get to your apartments by using a modern lift.

Ground floor

On this floor you may acquire 7 holiday apartments over two floors, covering the area of 24 to 40 sq. m., and 12 apartments situated on one, i.e. ground floor.

1st floor

Besides the second floors of the above-mentioned 7 apartments, on the first floor 10 one-floor apartments and 2 apartments over the first and the second floors are being built. All the apartments are equipped with balconies or loggias. The area is 23 to 66 sq. m. The area of the balconies is from 4 to 28 sq. m.

2nd, 3rd and 4th floors

Apartments on these floors are located in two blocks. A floor of each block contains five apartments reachable by using a lift or stairs. All the apartments are equipped with balconies with a wonderful view.

Apartment service

Since “Palangos perliukas” contains not only apartments, but also a permanently working hotel with its own infrastructure, the owners of the apartments who join a community will be offered the following services:

1) Maintenance of the underground parking;

2) Staircase cleaning and cosmetic repairs;

3) Maintenance of the grounds and patio;

4) Repairs of the inside power supply, plumbing system and premises on request.

All other services requested by the owners of the apartments will also be provided.

Additional services

Apartment rent is planned to be provided as an additional service. This means that in case you do not reside at your apartments for some time, you may sign a contract with UAB “Palangos perliukas” and rent your apartments for other holidaymakers. For an appropriate charge the hotel employees will take care of the apartment rent, security and transfer of the rental to you. This way, your apartments will not only help you avoid any financial burden, but will also bring you some income.

Apartments “Palangos perliukas” is the best investment at this anxious time.